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Our Story

How it all started

Founded in 2013 by Joshua van de Pol, Testino Events emerged from a unique blend of creativity and resilience. Overcoming challenges with dyslexia, Joshua discovered his talent for thinking outside the box and visualizing intricate designs. Harnessing his structured approach and keen eye for detail, he transformed his perceived disadvantage into a driving force behind Testino.

At the heart of the company lies a profound appreciation for its people and a relentless pursuit of perfection, specializing in upscale catering services.


Today, our reputation extends beyond impeccable catering to encompass comprehensive event solutions. Our event producers are some of the best in the city with decades of wisdom, trained in drawing and executing floor plans, managing venue rules & regulations, and implementing solutions. Our concept seamlessly serves private and corporate clients, marketing and PR firms, experiential agencies, and production companies alike. With a portfolio that includes serving US presidents and royal families, our expertise is unmatched.

Additionally, we provide 5-star amenity services under the name Testino's for commercial buildings or tenants, offering hospitality solutions from food procurement and

cafe management to architecture and interior amenity design consultations.

Meet the "Office" Team

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Thank you for supporting us


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