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Amenity Services


Amenity Services Entails

We provide upscale food and beverage services for commercial amenities within a café setting.

Our services encompass full management, logistics, and overall operation of the hospitality area. Additionally, we excel in generating revenue through elevated full-service event and meeting offerings.

  • Receiving, Stocking, Reporting

  • Extension of your facilities team

  • Item tracking | Minimizing waste

  • Tracking patterns | Habits of guests

  • Elevated full-service Events & Meetings

Coffee Hearts


Cafés are staffed by trained baristas who craft an array of artisanal coffees, alongside offering fresh juices and name-brand beverages.

Breakfast & Lunch

Our culinary offerings prioritize healthier options while still featuring beloved classics for breakfast and lunch. We provide a variety of on-site pastries, fruits, yogurts, as well as convenient grab-and-go sandwiches, bowls, and salads.

White Sneakers

White Label Cafes

Our cafes operate under the esteemed Testino's brand, but we also provide white-label branding options. Reach out to us for a consultation to determine the best fit for your property and brand.

Responsible & Sustainably

Testino's takes great pride in its commitment to a sustainable future, prioritizing practices that result in minimal ecological impact across all our operations. Our preference is ceramics and glassware. Additionally, our disposable items are crafted from fully compostable materials. We actively avoid the use of single-use plastic whenever feasible, aligning with our dedication to environmental responsibility.

Wood Cutlery
Seaside Construction

Amenity Venue Consultation

Whether it's an existing amenity space or a new development in its inception, Testino's offers invaluable insights to maximize profitability and functionality. From floor plans to kitchen layouts, and from lighting to furniture selection, our expertise covers every aspect. We provide layout design and interior design consultations from the earliest stages, ensuring a comprehensive approach to optimizing your amenity space.


At Testino's, we embody a European service mentality characterized by warmth, kindness, and a commitment to building relationships. We prioritize quality and excellence while maintaining affordability. Our aesthetic vision is precise, favoring clean, minimal, and functional designs. With Italian influences, we infuse our offerings with a distinctive flair.


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Our Clients Say

Danielle Neumann, OOO-Marketing

OOO-Marketing had the pleasure of working with Testino Events. It was our first time, but it won’t be the last! Testino demonstrated top-notch expertise, professionalism, troubleshooting and pivoting abilities throughout the pre-planning and on-site process. Their food was outstanding and the professionalism and enthusiasm of their on-site service staff and event managers were exceptional. I'm looking forward to having them add their special magic and exquisitely elevated lens to many future events.
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